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Santa Project




Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston (BGCGH) provides local businesses, organizations, & individuals the opportunity to give back to Greater Houston families during the holiday season and help make a child’s Christmas morning that much more special.

Club staff work with Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston Club member's parents in creating wish lists, learning about their specific needs, their clothing sizes, favorite colors, and that special toy that will then be matched to a sponsor.



BGCGH strives to provide this resource to our BGCGH families every holiday season kicking off in early October.



BGCGH’s Mission is to be a support system to those that need us most, and we believe that goes beyond what we do in the Club with our youth.  With the help of our sponsors and donors, we are able to keep the whole family in mind, giving parents that extra help, ensuring they can share in the special moment that is Christmas morning.

Sponsoring a child is simple, click on the link below and Become A Sponsor, be part of the magic of the season and bring joy to children this Christmas.  Sponsors shop for wish list items, wrap the gifts and deliver them to the BGCGH North Pole.  Club staff then notify parent so they can pick up gifts and place under their trees to be opened on Christmas.

For more information contact us at:


Click here if you would like to become a sponsor and help a young person's Christmas wishes come true! 
Check out a short & fun video recap of the 2020 Santa Project!

Santa Project


October 11

Invitations to community based organizations, corporate partners, and prior Santa Project sponsors are distributed.

November 8

Last Day for Santa's Helpers (Santa Project Sponsors) to confirm participation and number of Club members wishing to sponsor.

November 15

Santa Helper's (Santa Project Sponsors) will be matched with Club members and provided with Club member wish lists. 

November 29 - December 3

Santa Helper's (Santa Project Sponsors) time frame to schedule drop off of sponsored Club member's gifts at Santa's Workshop.

December 6

Boys & Girls Club staff start visiting Santa's Workshop to pick up gifts for participating Club members.

December 13

Boys & Girls Clubs reach out to and begin distribution of gifts to participating Club member's families.  

December 25

Boys & Girls Club members across the Greater Houston area wake up to Christmas gifts to open on Christmas morning, thank you to the generosity of Santa's helpers!


Santa's Helpers


Mari Bosker


Houston Rockets

Kirksey Architecture

CW 39


Planet Fitness

Renzo Gracie Riverstone


Santa Project would not be possible without the generous support from
our presenting sponsor, Kroger, and our media sponsor, The CW 39
We are so grateful for their partnership!
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